Saturday, June 22, 2013

GERBIL WEEK: Shout Outs!

Today is the seventh day of the WEEK OF THE GERBIL! ++The last day++

Is everyone ready for some SHOUT OUTS?! I know I am!

Millie and Merille
These two little gerbils belong to my friend Kody. He's had them for around a year and they are quite a handful. They've chewed through many food bowls and water bottles and even the platform and ramp in their old cage....Let's just say now he uses chew proof things. I'm actually gerbil sitting these little girls while Kody is out of town. One of them actually chewed through my boyfriend's shirt pocket in a matter of seconds!

This is Nutmeg! He is Catherine's 5 month old male gerbil. His favorite food is Cheerios and corn! He loves to roll around in dust baths and chew on toilet paper tubes.

I didn't receive any other shout outs.
Today is the last day of GERBIL WEEK! If anyone wants to suggest animals for the next animal week I will be happy to listen! I will post soon with some hamster related posts! :)) We can't forget about the ham hams!

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