Friday, June 21, 2013

GERBIL WEEK: Just The Facts....

Today is the sixth day of the WEEK OF THE GERBIL!

It's day six! Let's just get down to the facts........
Gerbils Facts:

  1. Gerbils are native to Asia.
  2. The gerbil sitting in your room is most likely a Mongolian Gerbil.
  3. Gerbils thump their hind legs when concerned to warn other gerbils.
  4. There are more than 100 species of gerbils.
  5. In his/her life, a gerbil's teeth never stop growing.
  6. A male gerbil is called a Hob, a female a Jibb.
  7. Baby gerbils are called Kits.
  8. Gerbils have scent glands on their stomachs.
  9. Gerbils can identify each other through the taste of saliva
  10. They are rather social animals.
  11. Gerbils are very active.
  12. They are extensive burrowers.
  13. There are gerbil shows and pageants.
  14. Gerbils can be trained to do tricks and run obstacle courses.
  15. A gerbil's entire body is covered in fur-even it's tail.
  16. They will run, hop, and chase each other around a cage.
  17. Gerbils are very curious.
  18. in the wild they roll in the dirt to make their fur softer.
  19. Gerbils were first brought to the US in 1949 as lab animals.
  20. Male gerbils, unlike many other rodents, help the mother raise the young.
Tomorrow is the last day of the WEEK OF THE GERBIL! I will be doing a GERBIL SHOUT OUT! If you want your gerbil shown, please send me a picture of him/her with their name, sex, and their hobbies and I will feature it! :)) Pictures can be sent to my facebook page or e-mail.

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