Thursday, June 20, 2013

GERBIL WEEK: Accessories!

Today is the fifth day of the WEEK OF THE GERBIL!

For a gerbil to be healthy he/she needs many things. Food, water, bedding. But for a gerbil to be happy, they need other things. These are things for your gerbil that are fun, but not completely necessary.

Gerbil Accessories:
  • Running Ball: Gerbils love to run, so consider getting them an exercise ball. Some gerbils will even follow you around! (I recommend putting a small piece of tape on the lid to hold it on better. Just to be safe.) Make sure to supervise your gerbil while there out in their ball and block off any stairs! Also keep other animals away from them.
  • House: Who doesn't like a place to hide sometimes? I would recommend a ceramic or wooden home because they are harder for your gerbil to chew up.
  • Hay Boxes: Gerbils love hay. Gerbils love boxes. Pet stores sell timothy hay in small boxes that gerbils can chew up and eat. They love these. You can also make them yourself.
  • Chew Things: You can buy many chew treats for gerbils such as chew sticks, edible houses, handing toys, etc. But you can also give them toilet paper and paper towel rolls, empty cereal boxes and mac and cheese boxes. They love chewing and tearing these up!
  • Treats: You can buy many treats for your gerbils. You can also give them some fresh fruits and vegetables. Treats should not consist of more than 10% of their diet.
  • Baths: Gerbils enjoy sand baths once in a while! Not only do sand baths make your furry pet super soft, they are also fun to watch! You will need bath sand and a bath house or small bowl. Simply place the sand in the house/bowl and let your gerbil dig and roll around! It's actually really cute. Just remember you should never bathe a gerbil with water.
There are other things you can get for your gerbil, you just gotta be smart and keep an eye out! Later guys.

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