Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Been One Year!

On July 20th, 2012, my boyfriend and I drove across town to a PETCO to adopt a hamster. We chose a female Djungarian, or Winter White, dwarf hamster. She really stood apart from her sister and we took her home. We named her Sasha and soon realized that something so small can become a huge part of both of our lives.

Sasha is a silly little girl who loves to climb. She spends much of her time in tubes. She also enjoys burrowing under bedding and running on her wheel. When we feed her the first thing she goes for is the corn. This is a little hamster who loves her some corn!

I take Sasha out of her habitat often to let her run and get exercise. It also helps her from getting board. You wouldn't want to spend your whole life inside of a cage, would you? Thought not. Sasha gets to play in all kinds of boxes and run on the bed. Always supervised of course.

Sasha loves to climb, so I use tubes and puzzle playgrounds to make things for her to climb through and on. Often the little thing sleeps inside of the tubes. She also loves the half log (in the picture at left) Sometimes I will make it so that a tube lets out under the log. Sasha sleeps there sometimes too.

Sasha's Favorites:
Food: Corn
Treat: Papaya treats and blueberry yogurts
Accessory: Tubes and Puzzle Playground
Toy: Half log and wooden ladder
Sleeping spot: Tubes and wooden box
Wheel: Silent spinner and flying saucer
House: Upside down wooden box with puzzle playground leading into it.

Sasha is over a year old now, but we are hoping she will have a long happy life. She is still very healthy and active, though she has gained a little weight. She still seems to love attention and getting new toys. This little girl still loves to run in her ball and gets jealous when she smells another animal on my hands. Our baby girl is something else!

Ok guys, I will post again soon. Later!