Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Gerbil Tail!

How is everyone doing? Fighting off the heat? Me too. Anyways! Guess what! I am gerbil-sitting for a friend of mine! He is going to be out of state for a bit and asked me to care for his little mindless-chewing-machines!

He brought them over last night. The two seemed a little nervous at first (as gerbils often do) but quickly settled in. Sasha has already smelled them and isn't too happy with us right now. But she will be ok. It's only for a couple weeks.

Meet The Gerbils!
These two female gerbils both have drastically different fur patterns. One is black with white spots, the other solid brown. Their names are Millie and Merrill. Their hobbies consist of chewing, eating, chasing each other, and....More chewing.

Anyone who has ever owned a gerbil or even spent some time watching one run around and play has probably noticed how jumpy they are. Almost every noise or movement they see that isn't their own they stand up on their hind legs, and stay very still while looking around. It's kind of hilarious to watch, but I mean, it is only instinct. Hey, if you were five inches tall wouldn't you be a bit paranoid?

The gerbils are a lot of fun though and soon I will post a blog on proper gerbil care for any readers who are looking into gerbil adoption! So until then guys! Later!

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