Monday, July 23, 2012

New Name, First Bath!

A New Name For A New Hamster!
After much though, we have finally named our little ham ham! My boyfriend and I were talking about her and I said that Winter Whites were Russian. My boyfriend then suggested we name her "Sasha" because it is a Russian name. I love it! The name is super cute, and suits her well! So this little girl's name is now Sasha! :))

Sasha's First Sand Bath!
Today Sasha had her first Sand bath! Sand baths are fun and cleansing for your hamster. Hamsters should never need a bath, but if you would like to let your hamster enjoy a sand bath, then that's ok! Sand baths are easy! Buy some Chinchilla sand from your pet store. (make sure it is SAND not DUST because dust baths can lead to respiratory problems and eye problems) You can either place a few spoonfuls of the sand into a bowl or a special bath house. Either one will work fine. Next put your hamster in the bath and watch him/her roll and play in the sand! This is super cute and it leaves your ham ham fluffy, soft, and dirt free! Sand baths can be a part of your ham ham's habitat, but keep in mind, your hamster is very likely to kick sand out of the house or bowl so if you don't want sand mixed with your bedding you may want to save sand baths for once a week or special occasions and do them in separate containers (such as supervise them in a box like I did) or in their cage on cleaning day.

Sasha enjoyed rolling, digging and scratching around in the sand, and I had so much fun watching her do it!


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