Thursday, November 14, 2013

The BiggER Move!

Hello again! How is everyone liking the new Tumblr?
Anyways my boyfriend and I moved….Again. This time we moved to a house. Yay! *excitement* We moved last January to an apartment with a friend but it was too small and my boyfriend and I wanted to go on our own so we moved.
Sasha came with us of course! With all the extra space we have in the house were making some new additions to the family! Right now we have an orange kitten named Isaac and later we will be picking up another kitty. Oh and did I forget to mention that our neighbors’ two black cats often come over to visit. They think they live here too. 
So if anyone is moving with a small pet and wanted some tips you can check out my blog from January when we moved to the apartment. (The link will be below) It also talks about Sasha some. I’ll post updates and pictures of little Isaac soon.


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