Monday, January 14, 2013

The Big Move!

Hello all! Ah, I'm so tired! The past few weeks have been hectic. My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment with a close friend of mine and lately all we've been doing is organizing things and working. But we are finally settled in and I have a new thing to blog about for my fans!

Moving is a very big deal, even for a pet! The move can stress out your furry friend so keep in mind these things when moving with a small animal.

Where are you moving to?
When moving to a new house or apartment keep these things in mind:
*Does your landlord apartment complex allow small animals? If so is there a security deposit and/or extra rent you will need to pay and can you afford it?
*Will you be living with other people? Do they have allergies to your pet? Do they have any other problems with them?
*Will your new home be safe and comfortable for your small animal? Will you have sufficient space for them in your new home?
*Is there a pet store in your area? You'll need to buy supplies somewhere! (Although there is always the internet. and are excellent places to find pet supplies on the web.)
*Is there a veterinarian in your area that sees small animals? Find the nearest one and make a note of their location and phone number. If possible, ask your previous vet to send over your records.

The journey to your new home!
How will you be transporting your furry friend to your destination?
*Do you have a sturdy carrier?
*Will they be safe in the vehicle on the trip?
*If traveling by plane will you be able to take them with you?

How do I pack this?
When packing your belongings keep in mind that your hamster has belongings too!
*I recommend packing all of your hammie supplies together so you can find them all easily.
*Don't forget the essentials! Remember to pack a travel bag of essentials in case something comes up. This bag or box should have extra food, treats, bedding, and depending on how long the trip is, some water.

Arranging the new home!
Moving furniture and boxes in and arranging everything can be stressful and even dangerous to any animal!
*If you know someone trustworthy who can keep your little friend at their place for a bit while you get settled in, then do it! The sounds and sight of everything being rearranged can be very stressful for something so tiny.
*If you don't have anyone who can pet sit for you, then try to place them in s safe area with minimal traffic for the time being. Once everything is set up they can be placed on their table or whatever they will be placed on.

"I'm so stressed I'm going to bite you!" said the hamster.
Remember that the stress and fear from the move can upset your ham ham! He/she may try to bite you or may not want to be held.
*Give them some space! Remember when you first brought them home after adoption and you had to let them adjust to their new environment before you could handle them? The same rules may apply.

Sasha's moving experience!
Our move wasn't too far, but I still made sure to take it very seriously. Sasha rode over in her pet carrier in my lap and I quickly set up her cage. I'm lucky enough to live across the hall from a close friend now (We went to middle and high school together and now work at the same place. Small world!) who let Sasha stay with her and her boyfriend for a few days while we moved furniture around and got everything set up. Last night was her first night in the new apartment with us and I gave her some space, but she took everything rather well. I'm proud of my baby girl for being so brave! :))

See you later!

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