Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yummy Yummy For Their Tummies!

Hello everyone! Ever wonder what type of food and treats I feed Sasha? Well now you can know!
There are so many options of food treats available for small animals  Ever walk down the food and treat isle in PetCo? Yeah, it can be overwhelming! Especially to someone who is new to small animal care! Luckily, all the food and treats are pretty much self explanatory. They all say what kind of food or treat they are, and they all say what kind of animals are ok to feed the food or treat to. So as long as you pay attention to what your getting, you should be ok. (I'm sorry if that last sentence sounded mean, but it's very easy to buy rat and mouse food when you need hamster food. Trust me, I've done it before. Luckily I noticed it before I opened the bag and was able to exchange it.)
Photo taken at my local PETCO. Small Animal food/treat isle.

Food: Food is a necessary part of every living creature's life! So, shouldn't it be good?
          I use Kaytee Fiesta MAX Hamster and Gerbil Food. Sasha loves it and it is keeping her healthy.

Treats: Treats are a great way to reward, tame, and train your hamster!
          I give Sasha many different treats! Her favorites are Papaya treats, Blueberry Yogurt treats, and Millet Snips. She does enjoy the occasional Kaytee Timothy Biscuits as well. I tried to give her Roasted Corn treats, but she doesn't even touch them. I've also tried to give her banana and raisin mixed treats, but she hates raisins. Silly girl only ate the bananas.

Chews: Hamsters teeth never stop growing, so they need things to chew on!
          I usually give Sasha either Apple Chew Sticks or the little colorful ones that PetCo sells. Ocasionally I give her those sponge looking things, but she plays with them instead of chewing them.

Hays: Hays are not necessary for hamsters, though some appreciate it from time to time.
          I don't give Sasha hay often, but when I do, it's Timmothy Hay.

Fresh Fruits:  Not only are fruits healthy, your hammy will love them!
          Sasha enjoys apples! I give her a bite once in a while and she usually eats it all right away.

Fresh Vegies: Fresh vegetables are also a great, healthy treat, that your Ham Ham will love!
          As far as vegies go, Sasha loves carrots and cucumbers.

Keep in mind though, Just because Sasha likes these foods and treats, doesn't mean every hamster will! Just like people, all animals are different and will have different favorite foods! Also remember to check expiration dates on food and treats. They don't stay good forever! And if any kind of bugs get into the food or treats throw them all away. If they are in a container that you reuse, make sure to thoroughly clean it, and check your ham ham's cage for any bugs.

For a list on foods, treats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and hays that are safe for hamsters visit one of my previous blogs:

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