Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guinea Cat?!

A while back my cat Berlioz (who still lives with my parents) brought a girlfriend home. Her name is Camille. Well, the two had a littler of kittens. Two solid black males. One moved up the street and the other moved in the house. His name is JiJi (pronounced Gee-Gee). The two later had a second littler who are also in the house. It seems Camille and Burr have a knack for making twins. This time the two had a solid black kitten and a grey and tan kitten, both female. The black kitten is named Eeva (pronounced Eve-A), and the grey one is named Ellie. Ellie instantly stole my heart. I'm sure a big reason for this is she looks like a very feminine, long haired version of her daddy Berlioz. When I visit I often tell her she's a princess and looks like she's wearing make up.
My beautiful Ellie.
So what do cats have to do with small animals?
Not too much. But my little Ellie has a very unique little quirk: She Popcorns.

What is a Popcorn?
Popcorning is something that Guinea Pigs do that resembles popcorn bursting when cooked. Their little bodies will just pop up into the air as a way to show they are happy and communicate with other Guinea Pigs. If you've never seen this, imagine a tiny ball of fur, popping straight up in the air, maybe turning their little bodies to the side, and kicking their little legs out. They often make a happy little yipping noise as well. It's adorable.

I've noticed my little girl will suddenly pop up into the air. It's a little kitty popcorn! I thought it was completely adorable and wanted to share it with you guys. It just shows that just because something is common for a single animal, doesn't mean other animals don't do it too. Or maybe Ellie is actiually part Guinea Pig?! Naaaah....I know what Ellie is doing is not technically popcorning, but it is close enough in my book.

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