Monday, March 18, 2013

The Trick To Taming!

Hello all! It's taken awhile to get a video about taming a hamster up because I didn't want to use a hamster that is already tamed, as Sasha is. Right now, I am taming a friend's hamster. Her name is Leela. She is a Roborovski hamster. They are the smallest and fastest hamsters and this makes them harder to tame.

The Box Method
The easiest way to tame a hamster is the box method. You use a rather large box, with sides tall enough that your hamster can not climb or jump out of. Place their wheel in the box so they can run. Hamsters are nervous runners, so this is important. Also put a scoop of their bedding in the box so they have some of their own scent. Place him/her in the box and give them a few minutes to adjust to their new surroundings.

When your ready, gently scoop them up in your hands and cup them. Be careful not to squeeze them or be rough. Do not force them. Most of the time, when cupped, a hamster will either sit very still of dig into your palm. Do not be afraid. I have never been bitten while doing this (and I've done this many times), but if he/she does bite you then put them back in their cage and try again later. After you've held them for a few seconds, slowly open your hands. If your hammie sits on your hands instead of jumping off immediately  then your making some progress. Let them walk off your hands on their own, and then let them run around for a minute before repeating this. Each time you cup the hamster, hold it for just a little bit longer.

Repeat this everyday for two or three times. Keep in mind, punishment will NOT work. If your hamster isn't taming or bites you, do not raise your voice or get rough. This will just make the hamster afraid of you.

Tricks To Taming
There are some other things you can do to get your hamster used to you.
*When you clean their cage, rub their bedding on your hands so it will hold your scent.
*Talk to your hammie. Hearing your voice will help them get used to you.

Remember! A tame hamster will take treats from your hand. Once your hamster does this, pat yourself on the back because you've done a good job! :)) I hope this helps!

By the way, this is Leela.
Oh and to see a video about taming, visit my YouTube Channel.


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    1. Yes, it will. I used this technique when taming my friend's gerbils.