Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Itty Bitty Update!

Hello All! I just wanted to let everyone know how Sasha and Leela are doing!

Sasha is doing well! She gets a bit jealous when she smells Leela on me, and even nipped my finger once, but she's ok. Right now I just cleaned their cages and she seems to be very happy with the way I set up her cage. :)) Since I put Sasha in the tank she has been even more active. Little demon just likes to work out like her mommy and daddy I guess! She adjusted to the tank very quickly and I think she likes it more than her old cage. She has a silly habit though. She piles all her bedding into one corner of the tank, then climbs on it and burrows into it. She's so silly. She also stands on her back legs and puts her hands on the glass wall and digs into it. It's super cute!
As you may know, two weeks ago my coworker asked me to tame her Robo hamster Leela. She is still very skittish, but she's making progress. It's a bit easier to hold her now. and when we walk around the room she watches us. When my coworker first brought her over she would hide all day and only come out at night when we went to sleep. Taming doesn't happen over night, but she's making great progress!

The two little hamsters have met each other. I put each of them in their exercise balls and they will often roll up to each other and smell the other through the balls. I would never actually put them together though. Well, until next time guys! I'm going to have another Puzzle Paradise episode very soon!

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