Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bowling for....Bowls?

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today I'm going to talk about different food bowls you can use for your hamster or other small animal!

There are many different types of bowls you can use for your furry little friend. Personally, I have a LOT of bowls, but you only really need one!
To start, I store my hamster food in this plastic container. I bought it from Walmart for like $2 or $3. It holds an entire bag of food, so it's the perfect size. The lid seals tight so the food stays fresh. The three bowls to the right of the container are probably the most common food bowls. The small blue bowl is made of plastic and has a wide base so it is harder to tip over. these bowls are very cheap, but are rather small. I usually only use these bowls for treats. These bowls often come in starter kits. The light blue bowl is ceramic so it is completely chew proof and it is heavy so it's very hard to tip over. These are very good bowls and they aren't too expensive. The yellow bowl is a plastic bowl that came with a cage I bought. It is a nice size, but I don't think you can buy them separately.

There are many small animal homes that have bowls built into them. The wooden house at far left is from Petco. It cost around $5 and has a bowl on the top of it. The next three items are from a "living room" furniture set for small animals that my friend got me. I think the set costs around $12 and comes with the lamp, chair, TV, and a couch house. The lamp works ok for food, but the chair is better for treats because it is rather small. The TV isn't actually for food,  but it works for treats.

 If your going for a natural look, then a rock dish will work nicely. There technically for reptiles, but they work for ham-hams too! There rather inexpensive and are usually made of a hard plastic material.
This bowl is a nifty little thing! It's actually for birds. It hooks onto things by wire on the back. It is made of hard plastic. I got this bowl from Petco for $2. It is a good size for food or treats and since it hooks onto something it can't be tipped over! If you use the puzzle playgrounds, then you can hook it onto the puzzles.

You can also hook the bowl onto the bars of a wire cage. it fits on nicely.

Anyone have puzzle playground pieces? You can build a food house! Now, obviously this wouldn't work with food because of the holes, but it's great for treats and fresh fruits and veggies. It works well for Timothy hay also!

Ok now this is kind of weird, but bare with me. The wire cage I was using for Sasha was two stories that were connected by tubes. The second floor had two holes in the ground. One was meant for a tube, and the other was supposed to be covered with a wide bottom food bowl (Like the blue one I showed earlier) Instead I put a bubble cap used to block one end of a tube upside down in one of the holes and put treats in it. I wouldn't do this with food, but it was ok for treats and snacks. Sasha would often bury them. I know this is really situational, but anyone with a cage that is similar can try this.

You can also place a house over the treat bubble if you like.

There are also many other ways to give your furry friend their food, but hopefully this gave you some new ideas! :))

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