Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puzzle Paradise!

Super Pet has a neat little invention that's been out for quite some time now that just keeps getting better and better. It's called the Puzzle Playground.

What is it?
The Puzzle Playground is just what it sounds like: a playground made of puzzle pieces. These amazing playgrounds are expandable and connectable jungle gyms for hamsters, gerbils and mice! You can make your own configurations and they will always snap into place with each other. The sets generally include square hard-plastic pieces and triangular ones. They also come with round openings that are more resistant to chewing but can also be connected to any Super Pet tubes. Certain sets also come with tubes and ramps.

New VS Old:
The older sets were different colors although they are the same thing. The older sets were red, dark green, yellow, and purple with clear windows and red ramps. As far as I know, none of these sets came with tubes. The newer sets are neon green, blue, yellow, and purple, with colored transparent windows, and purple ramps. The tubes that come with these sets are green and blue.

Super Pet currently only has two of these Puzzle Playground sets on their website, but there are more than just two!
+20 Piece Puzzle Playground
+42 Piece Puzzle Playground
+60 Piece Puzzle Playground
+38 Piece Puzzle See Saw
+20 Piece Puzzle Ferris Wheel
42 Pc. Puzzle Playground
The most common set
Why I love them:
Could you imagine living your life in a box with the same furniture and toys over and over? I can't! And no one wants their small pet to have to live such a miserable fate. So you switch out their toys and houses every once in awhile, but eventually they get bored of the same thing. So you go to buy new things but (1) that gets expensive and (2) where do you store all that stuff?!

This is where the genius of the Puzzle Playground comes in! You can buy one or two sets and your good to go! You set up a simple design and your furry friend plays in it awhile and then when it's time to switch out furniture, you can just redesign the house! You save money and storage space and both you and your furry little friend have something fun to do!

Ever buy something for your pet that they didn't like? With Puzzle Playgrounds, if they don't like it you can just rebuild it until you find a way they do like it! Ever buy a house that was too big or too small? Rebuild! Ever scour the globe for the perfect home for your pet to no avail? Build it!

Oh, well you and your friend are tired of the Puzzle Playground and you decide your gonna take a break from it. Oh no! Now where are you gonna put it?! Pop the pieces apart and throw them in a box. Simple!

Where can I buy these?
Usually pet stores sell them. Petco and Petsmart do. You can also find them online. I know for sure and sell them. The Puzzle playgrounds are usually easy to come by, but the hard ones to get are the Ferris wheel and see saw.

Bad Reviews:
I always hear and see a lot of bad reviews from people. I personally haven't had a problem with them and I've been using them since my first two hamsters. And I was in middle school then!

They don't stay together: This is probably the biggest complaint from everyone. But the thing is you have to make sure the pieces are locking into place right. If they don't then of course there not going to stay together. Personally I've never had this problem. I've been using them for years. I still have the same set from when I was in middle school and they still work fine.

There only good for dwarf hamsters: Not true! Sasha is my first dwarf hamster. Before her I had Syrian ham hams and they all fit in the playgrounds just fine! But that is part of the playground: build it the way your hamster (or gerbil or mouse) will like it.

My gerbils ate them: Well that's gerbils for ya! Small animals have teeth that are continuously growing and they need to chew to keep them from getting over grown-gerbils especially. While it's true that these aren't completely chew proof, they are somewhat resistant, and as long as you provide your pets with other chewing materials they should last a while.

They get dirty: Everything in an animal's cage gets dirty! And in my opinion these are super easy to clean because you can completely demolish them!

So there! I LOVE the puzzle playgrounds! (I'm sorry I know I sound like I'm trying to sell this to you but I'm not. I just really like this product.) Currently I have an old set and the 60 Piece Puzzle Playground. (I've also got the 42 Piece Puzzle Playground in the mail, but that's part of Sasha's Christmas present.)

I'm going to start a segment where I post photos and videos of puzzle playgrounds that I have built or that have been sent to me from ham fans! It will be called Puzzle Paradise! Feel free to email your designs to me at! Happy Building!

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