Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kitties and Puppies and Turtles, OH MY!

Guys I did the cutest thing! I made a saddle for my turtle and now Sasha can ride on his back! It's super cute, but super dangerous so I didn't really do it....

Many hamster parents or potential hamster parents have other pets as well, and while you can happily co-exist with many adorable animals, the adorable animals can not always co-exist with each other. Keep in mind that hamsters are tiny creatures and because of this they are prey to many animals.

Larger animals such as cats and dogs may attack or eat hamsters. They may also just try to play with them, but do to the immense size difference the hamster is likely to be terrified and get hurt or killed. Also the noises that cats and dogs make can be loud and unnerving to hamsters.

Small animals such as rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, and birds should also never be playmates with hamsters. Though it is highly unlikely to see a hamster on these little guy's dinner plates, there are still other complications that can arise from contact. These animals are classifies as "small animals" but they are sill larger than hamsters and can harm them quite easily. These animals may become aggressive towards each other over territory, mates, toys, wheels, food, or even you!

Smaller animals such as gerbils and mice should never be allowed to share a cage or be playmates with hamsters. They may be around the same sizes, but they can still be dangerous to each other. These animals may become aggressive towards each other over territory, mates, toys, wheels, food, or even you! And while a hamster's diet and needs may be similar to a gerbil's or mouse's they are still very different.

While I'm sure this goes without saying, hamsters should also be kept away from fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions and any other pets of this nature.

While it would be cute to let your hamsters and other pets play together, it's not the best idea. Animals can even smell other animals on your hands so wash them in between care and handling of different animals. Also, keep hamster cages on a high shelf or table, well out of the cat or dog's reach.

I know you often hear stories of cats and mice getting along or a dog nursing orphan lion cubs but while these amazing animals were able to pass their differences, not all can. It it better not to chance it and keep your pets separated for their and your own safety.
My cat Berlioz inspecting my hamster Sasha.
(Sasha is in her food dish on the top floor to the right)
Personally, at the moment, I have dogs, cats, a turtle, and my hamster Sasha. My dogs completely ignore her presence, but my cat took interest in her right away. She was in her cage digging in bedding and my cat Berlioz heard her. He sat on the end of my bed watching her for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. I supervised the two of them the whole time and made sure my cat stayed a reasonable distance from Sasha's cage. He never paid any attention to her after that, but I still never left him alone in my room with her. (Of course now she's with me at my boyfriend's place where he has a dog who completely ignores her too.)

I wish everyone the best, rather they have no pets or many!


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