Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How It All Started!

Per request!
Lately everyone has been asking me why I love hamsters so much. Why did I start Hamster Talk!? What was my first hamster like? What made me decide to adopt a hamster in the first place? Well, I think it's easier to just sum it all up in a few ways.

What's up with the obsession Tracy?
For as long as I can remember I've had this odd connection with animals. Maybe it was because as a kid I was rather bullied and animals were creatures that wouldn't be mean to me, or just because animals were amazing to me, I don't know. I've always loved animals. For a long time I dreamed of being a veterinarian. In short, to answer the above question in orange: I was in a bad place when I got my first hamsters Chewy and Tickles and they really cheered me up. They were more than pets to me. They were my little friends. Aside from hamsters being cute and fun, they are great companions. I love hamsters simply because of that! I honestly think they are underrated as pets!

Tracy, why did you start Hamster Talk!?
Duh! To get the word out about how awesome hamsters are! And so no one makes the mistakes I did when I was a first time hamster owner! When I got my first hamsters I was relying on outdated information and the word of a pet store worker who was only trying to make sales. Because of this, my hamsters could of killed each other, as I'd trusted the pet store lady and bought two female Syrian hamsters without knowing any better. Needless to say they had to be separated. (Neither were seriously injured and both lived happy lives after their fight. I will post more information on them in a later post.) I started Hamster Talk! as a one-stop-spot for ham ham facts to help people! All of my information is reliable, as my fans are ham ham parents and I would hate to give them false information. I'd love to get the word about Hamster Talk! out, but even if only a handful of people know about it and I've helped at least one person I'll be happy. :))
*Fun Fact: Hamster Talk! websites and such are often orange and white. This is because that color combination reminds me of Hamtaro, which is where I first became interested in hamsters.

So what about your first hamster, Tracy? Why'd you adopt?
As far as my first hamster goes, I never had a first hamster. I had first hamsters. I started with two Syrian hamsters named Tickles and Chewy. But I've had more hams than those two cuties! So to cover my pas hamsters and my reasons for adopting I will start a new segment called Hamster Flashback! In Hamster Flashback I will post about my past hamsters. My reasons for adopting hamsters, the adoption experiences, their personalities, and I will post photos if available!

I hope this answers some of your questions! See you soon in Hamster Flashback!


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