Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hamster Haul!

In an earlier post I talked about all the things that are necessary for your hamster to be happy and healthy. But there is so much more out there for your hammy that isn't exactly necessary, but sure is fun and beneficial!

1. Toys: Hamsters love to play with things and will chew on almost anything they can get there cute little paws on! So give them toys! One of the cheapest ham ham toys you can get is a toilet paper roll! They love to run through them and chew them up. Pet stores sell all kinds of small animal toys, also. There are hanging chews, that can be hung from the top or side of the cage, and there are rolling chews, which are chew toys that roll around and are easy to move. Hamster chew toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and materials.

2. Treats: Could you imagine eating the same food every day for the rest of your life, with no deserts or candies? It would suck huh? So why put your hamster through it?! Feed them some treats! You can purchase hamster treats from any pet store! There are yogurt drops, food bars, dried fruits, hays, and salt licks that you can purchase for your furry friend. Want to try something else? Feed them fresh fruits and vegetables!

3: Cage Expansions: If your ham ham lives in a cage with tube doors you can expand their habitat with tubes and other cages or lookouts. Hamsters are naturally curious creatures, and they love to explore, so giving them more room to run is important! Most hamster cages are actually too small for the poor hammies so make sore they have plenty of space to play in! It will also help keep them in shape.

4: Run About Balls: Anyone who has ever watched a hamster in action knows that there little exercise freaks! It seems that all they want to do is run on their wheel all night long. Why not try a Run About Ball? Run About Balls are small clear balls made of plastic that have a small door and air holes. Your hamster can run in them and explore! Just make sure your ham ham can't roll down a staircase or under a bed or something! If your worried your hamster will roll into danger, they also sell race tracks too keep them from going into dangerous areas. Or you can use a baby gate to keep them in one room.

You can also make your own hamster homes and toys out of household items. A good idea is to have more than one house or toy for your hamster. Even if they don't all fit in their cage at once you can switch them out so your hamster doesn't get bored! I hope this helps!


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